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Friday, April 8, 2011

Last week... Ad Hoc

So last week we went to Ad Hoc.  Thomas Keller's most unique restaurant, and one that will forever be remembered.  To describe it in a single word, magnificent.  The concept of this restaurant was simple.  (Literally).  Simple food that people want to eat... done right.  And boy was it true.

You can find my Yelp! review here.

Just a few things I want to mention.  There was awesome service... probably better than you'd expect.  They let us tour the kitchen which I love to do.

Again, simple food done right.  Every dish that came out we seriously were not expecting much, but we were blown away every time.  The bill for 6 people came out to be just under $650 after tax/tip.  It was an amazing experience... next up is The French Laundry!  (OK, probably not.)