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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Diddy Riese - Westwood Villiage in LA

Diddy Riese is probably the most famous part of Westwood next to UCLA.  It attracts not just the UCLA students, but also the employees of UCLA, tourists and visitors of UCLA, and just the general public as well.  What lures in the hundreds and thousands of customers everyday?  How does a small store like this move thousands of cookies everyday?  Simplicity.

I've always been curious about the fact that one restaurant can create an average product and be the most popular thing on the block where another place finds itself with a superior product but lacking the general acceptance its competitors has.  Again, I feel Diddy Riese is just an average product.  Not that it's bad... it's just not great.  The ice cream is... dare I say... boring, and you don't get that charm, that allure that you get when it's run by a 50 year old couple in a slow shop.  Diddy Riese is an assembly line.  You wait in a long line, when you get to the cashier, you're afraid to take your time as you look at your options because the workers are impatiently staring at you and wondering "has this guys seriously not been here before?  What's taking him so long to decide?"

The cookies, however, are amazing.  I believe you can get a dozen for $3.50 and they come with a decent variety.  White chocolate macadamia nuts are my favorite.  But there are chocolate cookies, M & M cookies, and many more.  I always grab a dozen to take home with me.

Though paying $1.50 for a great treat is hard to complain, the hype that Diddy Riese carries on its shoulders does it a disservice.  Maybe, if things slowed down and it was run by the old couple... but no.  You're rushed because they're interested in serving the masses, not you.

Yet, when I'm in the neighborhood, I'll always find myself coming back for more.  It's those damned cookies I'm tellin' ya!

Diddy Riese
926 Broxton Ave.
Westwood, CA 90024