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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Food Pirates' Breakfast!

Breakfast is one of the most underrated meals of the day.  Cereal gets boring, soggy waffles blow and don't even get me started on Denny's.  It's no wonder that breakfast is oftentimes overlooked.  However, The Food Pirates' breakfast is different.  Eggs on some nut and flax toast, and... steak!

After a night of insomnia, I waited eagerly for Trader Joe's to open.  3 am slowly hit 5 am and even more slowly hit 7:50.  I ran to my car and headed over to TJ's.  I had no idea what I wanted to make, but I knew I needed some eggs.  I then found the whole grain bread, then I looked for some sausage, but this ribeye steak was just screaming out for me.

This really took no time at all.  I preheated the cast iron griddle and seasoned the steak with salt and pepper, then coating it with some canola oil.

I waited about 10 minutes for the griddle to preheat and lightly sprayed it and put the steak right above it.  The sizzle is the best sound I can hear when I wake up.  And the smell.  Damn.  Best smell after the coffee.  I heated the steak for about 2-3 minutes per side (it was a pretty thin steak) for a medium rare with a perfect sear.

 Popped some eggs over where the steak was and made some over easy eggs.  Toasted the bread with some butter.  Perfect.  And all on a single griddle.

Let the steak rest.  As impossible as it sounds.  You must.

Yes... that is a yolk-less egg.  I needed it for the garlic aioli that will be posted soon!

Carve it up and enjoy!