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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ki Sushi in New York

Wow.  Honestly, this is the best bargain for sushi, ever.  This is one of the best sushi I've ever had.  Best part?  It doesn't cost me an arm and a leg.  This is Ki Sushi, in New York.  Fresh, sweet fish, friendly service, great pricing... there's really not more you can ask for.  This is one of those places that makes you wish you lived in New York...

So.  What makes this place great?  Quality.  Awesome quality.  As in overnighted from Japan quality.  Yes, it's true.  Well, they claim it to be true -- and it tastes that way as well.  Let's start with the Ki Roll.  Just by looking at the roll you can tell that this isn't some low end fusion xxx roll with fake crab sticks.

Real crab meet, healthy slices of fresh bright fish and two kinds of fish eggs.  I forgot which fish they were from but they were a perfect pair for the roll.  And then the lobster tuna roll.

Real lobster meat wrapped with tuna.  Oh my God.  A bit of caviar (just fish roe, not the expensive stuff) and then they had to overdo it with the gold flakes.  On a bed of wasabi cream... so amazing.  That wasabi cream was so good.  My friends would not let the server take the plate away just so they could dip anything else they can get their hands on, into that wasabi cream.  It really was amazing.  Creamy, nutty, with that wasabi punch...

And yes, I did say gold flakes.

Yup.  You wouldn't believe that this roll is only about $15.

Another great deal?  Their lunch chirashi special.  Just $14.  You get miso soup, salad and some amazing sashimi.

So fresh, so good, so amazing.  Make a visit here when you get the chance, you will definitely love it.  And if you live or work nearby -- I can guarantee this will be a regular spot for you.  Do it.

Ki Sushi
122 Smith Street
New York, NY 11201