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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Peter Luger's Steakhouse in Brooklyn, New York

Okay, so my one must stop place in New York was definitely Peter Luger's.  A steakhouse that doesn't fit the steakhouse mold.  It's not the fancy schmancy place that has a piano playing in the background, it's the live and loud atmosphere where peter are enjoying their food - family style.  A place where the focus is not just the food, but the company you are with.  Peter Luger's, rated #1 steakhouse in New York and America xxx years in a row... yes, they've earned their reputation.

Coming in, I was not sure what to expect.  This doesn't seem like a high end steakhouse.  How can it be rated #1 so many years running?  Well, let's just say it definitely wasn't a fluke.

We wanted to start with the bacon.  Oh my.

Not overly salty, and not crispy like the thin bacon strips you buy at grocery stores.  No, these are plump, juicy, thick and smokey slices of pork belly.  This, my friends, is how bacon should be everywhere.  But alas, only at Peter Luger's.  Of course a single slice costs as much as a pound of bacon at the grocery stores at $4 a slice.  But don't go cheap.  Get it!

We didn't try any other sides.  We really wanted steak.  We got the porterhouse for 4.  It came with two huge porterhouses.  Huge.

And steak we received.  Unfortunately, before I was able to take a picture, the server had already served us a few slices.  You can pretend there is meat in the missing parts.

Nice and pink.  Tender, juicy, meaty, delicious.  They break the golden rule of making steaks too.  Instead of just traditionally broiling it, letting it rest then slicing, they actually slice it and then slosh on some more butter it and finish it up in the broiler.  Hey, rules are meant to be broken and this works.  To be perfectly honest, I preferred Maestro's in Costa Mesa and having my own steak.  That way I can order it rare -- the way I like it.  But sharing is caring and Peter Luger's did not disappoint.

They also have their homemade steaksauce at Peter Luger's.  It has small bits of beef in it (how awesome is this?).  It's actually really good.  I tried it on my steak -- maybe I'm a purist but I preferred my steak without it.  But it's still amazing.  A billion times better than A1, that's for sure.

I was already stuffed.  But the server sold us on the apple strudel.  Well, sold my girlfriend.  Worth it?  Yeah.

With "schlag"
"What is schlag?" we asked.

"Schlag?  It's this," he said.  Then he emphatically took a huge scoop of homemade whip cream and tossed it on the strudel.

"His schlag is amazing," my friend said.

Yes, we giggled.  And yes, that is what she said.  And suddenly, our dinner ended at Peter Luger's.  Be prepared to drop a bill on this place, after a few drinks, tax and tip.  Worth it?  Most definitely.

Peter Luger
178 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 387-7400