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Monday, March 5, 2012

Sea Harbour in Rosemead, CA

Dim sum.  To some westerners, dim sum is a brunch for the Chinese population.  Serving parts of an animal that is so grotesque I would have to omit the name of those parts to make sure my blog does not require parental supervision to browse through.  To me and my group of friends, it's a special event and a vehicle we use to enjoy our time together and have a tasty lunch that doesn't consist of just eggs, breakfast and toast.  I've been to many different dim sum restaurants and I've found Sea Harbour to be the best dim sum restaurant in Southern California.  To me, the 45 minute drive is much longer than the 15 minute drive to the average dim sum restaurants in Garden Grove -- but well worth the drive.

The one thing that separates Sea Harbour from the many other dim sum restaurants near me is the quality.  This is not the typical dim sum restaurant where the carts are being pushed around the restaurant.  No, you order from a menu like you would do in many sushi restaurants.  You tally up the items you want and the server will slowly bring out new, freshly cooked dishes.  This fried tofu with sweet and sour sauce is a great example.  Had this been sitting in the cart for half an hour... it would lose its primary qualities.  It wouldn't have the crisp skin and the light and airy insides.  This is one of my favorite dishes here (but it also is higher in cost at $7 for the 6 pieces of tofu.)

This is an uncommon dish that I found too interesting not to try the first time visiting the restaurant -- deep fried chicken knee.  Is it really chicken knee?  Maybe?  But I think it's just deep fried cartilage from anywhere on the chicken (including its knee.)  It's just so amazing how they perfectly deep fry it to have such a wonderful bite and a great crunch.  It was well seasoned and just amazing.  A must have in my opinion.

The calamari is another solid dish.  There is nothing special about it, but it is just cooked perfectly and perfectly crispy.  Not too hard and seasoned very well.

Sorry for the blurry picture here.  But this is the pork shumai.  This juicy shumai is plump and moist.  The flavors of the pork are really there.  Each bite you take... well... it'll blow you away with every bite.  As soon as your teeth penetrate the meat you get a huge burst of juice from it.  God, I want one right now...

The chicken feet here is cooked well.  But to be honest, it's almost never cooked improperly, anywhere.  It's more moist than most other places and there's a small spicy kick to it.  My only complaint is that the seasoning is inconsistent.  Our first batch was very bland while our second bland was perfectly seasoned.

If you love beef tendon, this is a great dish to have.  It comes braised with some tripe as well (which I also love).  Very typical but very average here.

My friend thought the fried radish looked great when he looked over at the table next to use.  And well, it was.  Very lightly seasoned and fried to ensure that it's shape holds.

And my favorite -- fried taro.  This time around it was a lot denser than usual... but it was still nice and flavorful.  The denseness made it pretty hard to eat as we ate a lot of food.  Oh well.  I don't always get the chance...

If you're in the area, definitely give this place a try.  One word of advice though... it's PACKED on weekends.  You're looking at a 1-2 hr wait easily, depending on what time you come over.

Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant

3939 Rosemead Blvd
Rosemead, CA 91770
(626) 288-3939